The REAL Secret!

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The Secret!

What's the "secret" to making money online? That's what thousands if not millions of people are asking everyday!
I'm going to tell you that "secret" right now!
The "secret" is.... There is no secret! Fact is, as soon as someone makes a couple of bucks online, they write an e-book or create a website on "how I did it!"
and charge you $19, $97, or whatever to subscribe or receive their "invaluable" information!
Than they get YOU to start promoting THEIR stuff, for which you get a percentage!
It's just a form of leveraging, a tool that is as priceless to marketers as water is to fish! In fact it's so important to anyone marketing ,
that it must be used in some form to make anything online or offline!
When your talking about online marketing, it's generally called affiliate marketing and/or networking.
Did you know they were the same thing? Me neither at first!
Getting others to do the dirty work you is what this game is really all about and no fancy websites, blogs, newsletters, or slogans lead to anything else.

Here's another fact.

Marketing online is precisely the same as any real world marketing. First you need something your customers want.
Than you need a system that delivers that product. That's it!
Doesn't matter what the product is, or how you go about delivering it, those are the only two things you need to do.
Of course that's a lot easier said than done, right?
I have spent more money than I care to disclose buying into everyone's "secret" on how to make money online.
I've run multiple websites, some successful, some not, trying in some form or another to leverage those services.
Remember the old saying that I'm sure you've heard a thousand times, " You have to have money to make money"?
How about this one, " The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer!" Guess what?
Both just as true today as they were when money was invented!
Why do the rich get richer? Leveraging. Also, building multiple streams of income. Remember the two things needed to make money.
A product people want and a system to deliver it.
Let's put them all together. Multiple products people want, and many systems delivering them for you. That's what make rich people rich!
You could do like I did and spend years researching what people want, and many thousands setting up systems to deliver them for you.
Most of you probably already have. Has it worked for you?

Those people who would have answered yes wouldn't still be reading this as they are already making money and living the good life!
For those of you still here, take a deep breath and sit back.
Comfy? Good! I'm going to give you EVERY single tool you need to start applying the above mentioned strategies!
How much am I going to charge?
Don't forget though, everything I'm about to give you, totally free, is going to take effort on your part to make them successful.
It will NOT be one of those, " Put thousands in your pocket overnight with No effort!"
These resources will show you how to work smart, but don't forget that the more effort you put in the greater the reward!
That's another of those old sayings that's still true!
One more thing before we get to the good stuff. No matter how much effort you give, or how much money you spend,
None of your ventures, online or off, will EVER succeed unless you believe they will! Erase all negative thoughts or nothing you do will work.
Believe in yourself first and foremost! You CAN be whatever you choose!
Whether or not what I give you has worked for others, it will NOT work for you unless you believe in yourself! If you have the I AM attitude,
You CAN make ANYTHING possible! Inspired yet!?! I hope so! Now let's get on with it!

I have spent my hard earned money on these EXACT e-books.
I have spend Way too much time and money implementing them on my other sites. Have you noticed yet that this is a free website?
I have shut down EVERYTHING else and am presenting this to you on a free service so you can see first hand that this can work.
You'll want to bookmark this page so you can come back and use some of the many other FREE services, but once you get through them all you'll see that for yourself!

The images are for reference, but if you click on Butterfly Marketing you will see the exact site that other affiliates are advertising!
See the price at bottom?
Underneath is the link to get your Free copy! It will NOT take to any other site, it's an instant download! 

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Click here to get The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript

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All together you get four of the most powerful marketing e-books on the planet!
Is this guy nuts, you may be asking! Yes I am! All I ask for in return is to spread the word!
If by chance you cannot use any of the FREE resources on this page, please pass it on to someone who can!
Together we can take back the internet from the "Guru's"!!!!