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Without traffic, no website, no matter how good the content or services are, can survive. Follow these simple techniques and you Will build more traffic! Slow and Steady wins the race and these time tested and proven techniques will improve your website traffic. How much depends on how much work you put into it. The title says Free traffic Building Secrets, but really they are not secrets at all! Most webmasters are searching for the holy grail of traffic building and continue to spend their hard-earned money on the next "secret" to building website traffic! Truth is, most of these simple and proven techniques go Unused by most webmasters. If you truly believe your site has information, services, or products that will last the test of time if it could only be seen, than you need to start implementing these techniques today!

1) Get More Inbound Links
- The number one way search engines determine ranking is based on how many other websites are linking to your website. This is very important, because this is something you can do as a business owner. It takes a lot of dedication but the quicker you grow your inbound links, the closer to number one you will get. The easiest way to get more inbound links is to submit your website to online directories like Yahoo Directory and DMOZ. Also, if you write an ezine then submit your ezine articles to an article directory like Make sure you include a link back to your website in resource box of your article.

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2) Article writing. Write 5-10 articles per day in your chosen niche, submit them to the top 5 article directories, and start to watch the traffic come in. It will be slow at first, but it will be high quality; in my experience, buyers.

3)SEO-Search Engine Optimization-One of the first things you want to do with your website is to try and get it listed highly in the search engines for your keywords. This is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. There are several techniques and there are many people around the internet share on how to accomplish this.
The goal of search engine optimization is to have your website listed on one of the first two pages within the search results on your targeted keyword(s). The problem is, is that the less targeted your keywords are, the more competition you will likely have. At the same time, keywords that are too targeted will limit your websites potential. It is extremely easy to be ranked highly for a word that is misspelled or does not even have a meaning, but ranking for single words or extremely popular markets such as “web hosting” can be a difficult task. Something in the middle would be ideal.

     a)Keywords. Allow search engine spiders to crawl on your site by optimizing your content. Make sure that you are using relevant keywords and keyphrases that are frequently used by your target market when they use search engines.

4)Social bookmarking is also a very popular way to market blogs. This is when you use popular websites such as digg or delicious to advertise the articles placed on your website. You are hoping that a small fraction of the traffic these large sites receive will visit your website to read your articles.The key here is quality content. When online users feel that your
website is a good source of information, they will submit it to major
social bookmarking sites, giving it enough exposure.

5)Content. Attracting online users to visit your site for the first time is one thing, and making them come back for more is another thing. One of the best ways to keep your traffic steady is to give your visitors the kind of information they need. Give them quality contents that are useful, timely, and relevant and you'll be assured that they'll visit your site over and over again.

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